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New construction Karlsruhe Wildpark Stadion

A new home is built for the blue & whites!

New construction Karlsruhe Wildpark Stadion
Wildparkstadion Karlsruhe
The waiting has been worth it! By mid-2022, a modern future-proof football stadium commissioned by the city of Karlsruhe is to be completed for more than 34,000 spectators. The total cost of the project amounts to some 123 million euros. 
Transformer stations from Scheidt GmbH & Co. KG supply the new stadium and premises with power and communication technology. 
Scheidt GmbH & Co. KG opted for the HSI150 as a permanently gas and watertight cable entry.
Currently unused openings are sealed gas and watertight with a VS blind plug. 
Verwendete Produkte

Double wall insert

for setting in concrete

HSI150 K2/X
For the gastight and watertight connection on both sides of system seals for cables and cable ducts and …

System cover

cable seal with hot shrink-fit method

For use in wall insert and plastic flange HSI150. The thermal sleeves support a wide area of application, they …

Blind plug

for system cover

For pressure-tight sealing of sockets that are not in use (HSI system covers).