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Single wall insert with foldable rubber sleeve

for setting in concrete and connecting corrugated cable ducts


For the direct connection of cable ducts (outside) and the connection system seals for cables (inside).

Double wall insert

for setting in concrete

HSI150 K2/X

For the gastight and watertight connection on both sides of system seals for cables and cable ducts and maximum flexibility for subsequent use.

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The network infrastructure is the elementary basis for the entire basic supply. Whether electricity, water, gas or telecommunications - only with a well-developed network infrastructure can the various trades arrive where they are needed. As a manufacturer of building penetrations, Hauff-Technik ensures that wherever lines are routed through buildings, the building envelope is reliably sealed and the lines are safely routed into the building. In addition to building penetrations, Hauff-Technik offers innovative solutions for underground power distribution outdoors, as well as various foundation systems for e-charging columns, lighting poles and other applications.