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Searched and Found

Searched and Found

Eight young people are starting a new phase of their lives with us today. In addition to two commercial trainees, a warehouse logistics specialist, a machine and plant operator and a total of three dual students in the fields of business administration and industrial engineering, we are …
The future is made of courage

The future is made of courage

Hauff-Technik continues to write its success story and sets the course for this decade - even or especially in volatile times.

No one can look into the future. Not even the managing director Dr. Michael Seibold of Hauff-Technik GmbH & Co. KG. But he can outline the path the company wants …
Drinking water through our partner »Viva con Agua«

Drinking water through our partner »Viva con Agua«

While drinking water is a normal commodity for us, 771 million people still do not have secure access to drinking water. Our partner »Viva con Agua« is committed to making drinking water more accessible all over the world. One example of »Viva con Agua's« commitment is that wells have …
The FINGERPRINTS 2021 are here!

The FINGERPRINTS 2021 are here!

Also in 2021, our trainees and students, equipped with camera and report pad, were on the road to capture and write down the Hauff-Technik year from their point of view. The results are impressive: In addition to topics from the ongoing pandemic, they have once again succeeded in …
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